Sidehack Saloon

1027 Lazelle St.    605-347-2828 ☎

Barnyard Stompers

Kicking off the rally the right way, Barnyard Stompers are coming to Sturgis! Your favorite outlaw country rockers will be at Shade Valley Camp Resort on August 2nd and 7th & Sidehack Saloon on August 3rd and 6th! A one-of-a-kind experience that will leave you wanting more!

One thing right happened in this crazy world–the unlikely union of Barnyard Stompers. Two polar opposites–Megan had a positive outlook on life; Casey hated the world. She had it together; he was a mess. She didn’t rock the boat; he tipped the boat over, yet they proved to be a perfect fit. Many bet against the improbable twosome with every mountain set in front of them but the Stompers never climbed even one; instead, they obliterated them all! Labeling Barnyard Stompers as a “duo” is almost insulting due to their huge sound. Blending Outlaw Country with Punk Rock and Metal might sound like a fool’s errand but with their untamed, original style, they make it work. Inventing their sound, they have introduced the world to a new subgenre which some have called Heavy Western, Extreme Southern Rock and Trailer Thrash but Barnyard Stompers just call it music and it’s a damn fine thing!

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